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SABER Coincidence Tool
You can use this tool to generate an ascii text file containing a table with the orbit number, event number, date, time, latitude, longitude and solar zenith angle for each orbit event at approximately the 90km tangent point. This tool will generate info for up to 1 year per query. Enter the start date and end date below and press submit to generate your file.  Or you can additionally search by latitude and longitude. Note: This may take a while depending on the size of your query. One day can have as many as 1500 events. If you generate a whole year, the textfile could contain up to 549,000 rows.

You can generate as many files as you like, the page will automatically update the link. Just right click and select "Save As" on the link to download your file

VersionYearStart DateEnd Date 

Start Latitude: End Latitude:
Start Longitude: End Longitude:

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