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CO2 data is now available to the public in the form of daily NetCDF files via ftp at ftp://saber.gats-inc.com/Version2_0/Level2C/

We are currently processing V2.0 data and it will be available on the FTP server as it processed & validated. V1.07 is processed through January 2013. The custom data tool will allow you to choose V1.07 or V2.0 data. For more information on the V1.07 data processing and V2.0 processing please follow these links:
V1.07 Data Processing Information   V2.0 Data Processing Information  V2.0 Improvements

The following routines are IDL routines that can be used to create an ASCII file from SABER netCDF files. Please read the 'readme' file below for information on how to use the files. Please note that these routines may not be compatible with newer versions of IDL.
Driver routine  Convert routine   Read routine   readme
The read routine was created by Tom Woods and is available from LASP.

For your convenience we have created a custom data set containing just O3 and temperature. The set currently covers January 2002 - January 2013 for V1.07 data and January 2002 - February 2015 for V2.0 data. Each file is divided by month instead of orbit. The size of this data set is currently 86GB (v1.07) or 89GB(v2.0) which decreases the size by a factor of 5 over the Level2A source files. The data can be found at ftp://saber.gats-inc.com/custom/Temp_O3/

WARNING: The SABER dataset is extremely large! 

Size and download for 1 Day (15 orbits)
Data TypeApprox. Size Min Download
Level 2A94MB11 min.
Level 2B140 MB18 min.

Actual download times are likely to be much longer, because of heavy traffic and other factors beyond our control. We routinely serve data to hundreds of connections at any given time. Downloading the full 12 years of Level 2A data could take well over a month of uninterrupted transfer time.

We provide two other, preferred methods for acquiring these data:

  1) Custom Data Tool. The custom data tool (link provided above) allows you to select only the parameters you want, greatly reducing the data volume.

  2) We'll mail you a disk. Upon request, we will load the complete dataset onto a hard drive and ship it to you. You simply extract the data and send us back the disk! Please contact Tolvey Byrd at t.g.byrd@gats-inc.com for details on shipping costs and time.

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