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The entire SABER data set was investigated for anomalous temperature profiles. It was determined that a poor climatology in high latitudes during polar winters was leading to erroneous temperature retrievals; a substantial number of these events were found to be impacted by this problem. In addition, it was determined that a few pressure profiles were non-monotonically increasing with decreasing altitude; this was traced to a problem with a hydrostatic routine. Because data with these two problems should not be included in research, the events in these data periods were screened for bad temperature and pressure profiles and the poor data removed from the netcdf files. For each of the years we have prepared a list of events that were removed.

Click on these links for lists of events that have had data removed

 2002  Temperature   Pressure 
 2003  Temperature   Pressure 
 2004  Temperature   Pressure 
 2005  Temperature   Pressure 
 2006  Temperature   Pressure 
 2007  Temperature   Pressure 
 2008  Temperature   Pressure 
 2009  Temperature   Pressure 

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