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SABER V2.0 Processing Information

Production of SABER Version 2 began in November 2012. This is the first completely new edition of the SABER data since v1.07 which was started over 5 years ago. This new version incorporates many algorithm improvements as well as improvements to the radiometric characterization of the instrument. These improvements significantly impact all parameters. Notable improvements are: correction of several algorithm issues that led to rejection of many events in v1.07, particularly for high latitude winter, improvements to several radiometric procedures - gain removal, detector memory correction, offset removal, improvements to the temperature retrieval algorithm for the mesosphere, improvements to the atomic oxygen and hydrogen algorithms, improvements to the chemical heating algorithms, inclusion of several additional solar heating terms. Version 2 represents the culmination of several years of work by the SABER team on algorithms which incorporate complex radiative transfer algorithms, including non-local thermodynamic equilibrium (non-LTE) processes. Though there is still work to be done, for example production of retrieved CO2 and H2O profiles, version 2 is a substantial improvement over prior versions of the SABER dataset.

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