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Scientific Goal

To explore the mesosphere and lower thermosphere globally and achieve a major improvement in our understanding of the fundamental processes governing the energetics, chemistry, dynamics, and transport of the atmospheric region extending from 60 km to 180 km. SABER is one of four instruments on NASA's TIMED Mission.

Scientific Objectives
  • Study the mesosphere and lower thermosphere structure including its seasonal, latitudinal and temporal variations.
  • Investigate the energetics and distribution of radiatively active species in the non-LTE environment to understand the relative importance of radiative, chemical, and dynamical sources and sinks of energy.
  • Analyze the Oy and HOy chemistry and its coupling with energetics and dynamics.
  • Conduct studies of dynamics and transport and their role in the energy budget.
  • Develop a climatology of key atmospheric parameters in the TIMED core region from 60 to 130 km.
Key Experiment Features

SABER SystemKey Spacecraft CharacteristicsElectronics System
Mass: 65.6 kg
Electric Power: 76.5 W
Data Rate: 4 kbps
Dimensions: 77 x 104 x 63 cm
Heater Power: 11.0 watts
Altitude Resolution: 10 km to 180 km
Limb Vertical Sampling Interval: 0.4 km
Build by: Space Dynamics Laboratory, Utah State Univ.
Lifetime: >2Years
Launch Date: Dec. 7th, 2001 at 7:07 a.m. PST
Launch Site: Vandenberg AFB, CA
Total Spacecraft Weight: 660 kg
Spacecraft Size: Mid-Lite class
Launch Vehicle: Boeing Delta II 7920-10 Medium Expendable Launch Vehicle (Co-manifest with Jason-1 Spacecraft)
Launch Dimensions: Right cylinder 80.9 inches in diameter and 108 inches in height
Orbital Altitude: 625 km Circular (+/- 25 km)
Orbital Inclination: 74.1 degrees (+/- 0.1 degree)
Nodal Regression Rate: 720 degrees per year
80C51 (UTMC) Flight computer
Data acquisition
CCD controller
Filter wheel/ shutters/ PWM heaters
Telescope servo amp
Calibration lamp power supply
Hybrid Power supply

SABER Documents
SABER Updated Calibration and Measurement Algorithm Document.
Off-Axis Response of Limb Emission Sensors Derived from Lunar Scans 2.0M Gordley, et al.
SABER Ground Calibration Report.
SABER Instrument Requirements Document.
SABER Critical Design Review.
SABER Preliminary Design Review.

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