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Note on Temperature Errors

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***Data production has resumed with a new version (2.08). This version includes a reprocess of data from December 15, 2019, onward to correct an inadvertent change to CO2 (a switch to WACCM 4) used in processing that data. Version 2.08 uses CO2 VMR profiles (from WACCM 3.5.48) consistent with data processed prior to that date. Data prior to December 15, 2019, is still designated as version 2.07.***

All FTP data can be obtained via our HTTP data server - Web Data Server

We provide two other, preferred methods for acquiring these data:

  1) Custom Data Tool. The custom data tool (link provided above) allows you to select only the parameters you want, greatly reducing the data volume.

  2) We'll mail you a disk. Send us a disk and we'll load the complete dataset onto it and ship it to you. Please contact us at: saber@gats-inc.com for details on shipping costs and time.


Additional Information

SABER H2O VMR data is available with SABER version 2.07. The radiance data used for this product is corrected for out of band (OOB) signal contamination. Other parameters are unchanged from version 2.0. The following link goes to a pdf document that gives a brief overview of the H2O product - SABER_H2O_Overview

Monthly files containing temperature, ozone and water vapor are also available. These files can be found at:

For more information on the V2.0 processing please follow these links:
V2.0 Data Processing Information    V2.0 Improvements

For more information on the changes to the processing algorithm over the lifetime of the mission please download the pdf in the follwoing link: Algorithm Change Review

Daytime CO2 data is now available through 2021 in the form of daily NetCDF files via https at:

The Custom Data Tool has been updated to include missing values for data that is not available and to include time and location data above 155 km if either NO_ver_top or NO_ver_top_unfilt are selected

NetCDF files of updated atomic oxygen, atomic hydrogen, and other related parameters are now available for 2002-2021 at: https://data.gats-inc.com/saber/Version2_0/SABER_atox/

Profiles and integrated fluxes on a per scan basis in NetCDF format for SABER NO and CO2 cooling measurements are available at:https://data.gats-inc.com/saber/Version2_0/SABER_cooling/

NetCDF files containing updated atomic oxygen are available for data through 2019. This data is based on work described in the following reference:
Panka, P.A., et al., "Atomic oxygen retrieved from the SABER 2.0 and 1.6 um radiances using new first principles nighttime OH(v) model", Geophysical Research Letters, 45, 5798-5803, https://doi.org/10.1029/2018GL077677.
This data can be obtained via http from the following link:

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